Scotty Summer of ’66

This summer we’re focusing most of our energy on rehabbing our 1966 Serro Scotty travel trailer!  She’s adorable, and she’ll be ready to roll soon!  We’re so excited we are finally finding the time to get her finished.  Keep up with our efforts in our Instagram stories @100percentpolyverse, and we hope you’re having a great summer!

Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer – What a Fab Event! Second Shift Coming Up!

A View from the Balcony at the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer

A View from the Balcony at the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer – That’s Arlo in the Aloha Shirt!

We had a fabulous time at this past weekend’s Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer!  It was awesome seeing some folks we knew as well as meeting new people – everyone was friendly, fashionable, and fanatically devoted to buying and selling vintage and retro wares.  We really enjoyed it, and can’t thank everyone enough!  This includes the organizers of the event, our fellow dealers, and everyone who didn’t let the freezing rain stop them and came out to shop!

We’ll be out again next Saturday at the Second Shift Crafters Holiday Event, from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm at 3501 Liberty Avenue in Lawrenceville – hope to see you there if you couldn’t make it to the Mixer.  We love this city and the people who live in it – come support your local crafters and dealers this Small Business Saturday!

See You Next Weekend!

See You Next Weekend!

Let’s Go To the Mall – the Antique Mall!

A Panorama of the Polyverse

A Panorama of the Polyverse

The weather is changing, and we set the clocks back last night.  Flea market and summer sale season is over!  We decided to move our stock inside for the fall and winter, and so we’ve set up house over at E.N. Miller Antique Mall in our hometown of Verona, PA.  We’re up on the third floor right next to some friendly neighbors, so we think you should come on down to the mall and start that holiday shopping!  We’ve got lots of mod housewares, some lovely midcentury furniture, and a fabulous assortment of pottery and planters by names like Royal Haeger, McCoy, and California Originals.  We’ve also got a few pieces by local artists, barware, wall hangings… do we need to say something for everyone?  And down at E.N. Miller, with over 50 dealers on four floors, you’re sure to find something you like.  E.N. Miller Antique Mall is only 20 minutes from the city, along the Allegheny River.  Follow Butler Street out of the city until it becomes Allegheny River Boulevard and take it into Verona – make a left at the Get-Go, left on E. Railroad Avenue, and you’re there.  You don’t even need to go over a bridge!  615 E. Railroad Ave., Verona, PA 15147, Tues – Sat 10:30 – 5:00, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00.  Closed Mondays.

We’re so excited to have a space at such a great antique mall.  We hope you’ll come see us on the 3rd floor this season – and don’t forget our upcoming shows on November 22 and November 29, both in Lawrenceville!


Second Shift Crafters Holiday Event!

SecondShiftCrafters Cover Photo HOLIDAYWe’re happy to announce we’ll be at the Second Shift Crafters Holiday Event on Saturday, November 29, from 12:00 – 6:00 at 3401 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.  We’re looking forward to spending the day with a fun crew of crafty folks as well as other vendors of all sorts!  It’s taking place on Small Business Saturday, and will be a great place to pick up some gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  We hope to see you there!

Winner Winner Sunday Dinner!

See you in space 122!

See you in space 122!

We had a great time last weekend at the Flea-tique.  It was a beautiful day, we met some nice people, and we sold (and bought!) some fabulous stuff.  But without a doubt, the best part of the day was winning the monthly raffle for our space for all of next year!  We will be the proud vendors of space 122 for the entire 2015 Flea-tique season.  We would like to thank the Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society – we’re so excited!  Thanks so much for the opportunity – we love you guys and the work you do.  See you next year!

Upcoming Shows!

November 22, Teamsters Hall, Lawrenceville

November 22, Teamsters Hall, Lawrenceville

We’ll be at the Allegheny Kiski Valley Historical Society FleaTique on Sunday, October 19th, weather permitting.  Come see us at the last FleaTique  of the season! We’ll be bringing kitchenware, melamine, and all sorts of retro goodies – we’re overstocked so we’ll be ready to deal!

We’re also pleased to announce we’ll be a vendor at the Pgh Vintage Mixer, a one-day, curated vintage vendor fair at Lawerenceville’s Teamsters Hall on Saturday November 22.  We’ll be bringing our best stock, including holiday items, lots of glass ornaments, electronics including lamps, clocks, and telephones, clothing, and accessories.  We can’t wait, it’s going to be fabulous.  See you there!

Dress Success

In the attic...

In the attic…

We go to house and estate sales all the time, so we’re used to the different types of sales.  On one end of the spectrum you’ll have high end sales run by dealers, where the prices are close to retail and they clearly know what they have.  On the other end you’ll have family run sales where their main priority is clearing out a house, and they just want to get rid of everything, no matter what it is!  We don’t mind either type of sale – we enjoy meeting people, seeing the inside of houses, seeing the things that people have accumulated during their lives.

The other weekend we went to a family run sale, and I mentioned to one of the ladies there that I was interested in clothing.  She thought for a moment, and then said she thought there might be clothes in the attic, and if I felt like climbing in there I was welcome to them.  Without knowing what I was getting into, I followed her through a tiny door into a little crowded attic space.  In front of me were a few hanging storage containers, dusty and falling apart.  The woman gestured to them and said they’d belonged to her great grandmother and her aunt, she didn’t know what was in them, and they’d been planning on just leaving them in the attic for the new homeowner to deal with.  I took a quick peek inside, saw some rhinestones, and said, “I’ll take them.”  We got pretty filthy dragging them out of the attic and down the stairs.  By the time we got them outside, the plastic had mostly disintegrated, and we barely got it all stuffed into our car!  I thanked the woman for letting me into the attic – and I think she was happy to get rid of some dirty clothes for profit!

Need a black dress?  I have them all.

Need a black dress? I have them all.

When I finally got everything unpacked, I was amazed at the goodies that we’d dragged home.  The storage bags contained dresses from the 1940s and 1950s, with a couple of 1960s beauties thrown in for good measure.  While some of the dresses had been nibbled on by creatures over the years, the majority of the pieces are in very good shape from having been in storage for so long.  It’s interesting looking at items trying to learn something about the previous owner’s character – but you could tell the owner of these dresses was probably a serious lady.  No novelty prints, no bright festive colors.  No, just more black dresses than I’d ever seen in once place.  Amazing dresses, with bead work, embroidery, rhinestones.  Sheers, bows, textures, pleats.  I’m in love.

All of these beauties are around 1950s size 20 – so around a modern size 14…  Once I get them dry-cleaned, they’ll be ready to go into the Etsy shop!  When you’re at a sale, it pays to ask whoever is running it – whether or not it’s the family or a dealer – if they have what you’re looking for.  You just might find an attic full of treasure!

September Updates!

Our restored 1972 Shasta 1400, nearly finished!

Our restored 1972 Shasta 1400, nearly finished!

It’s hard to believe it has been two months since we updated the site!  We’ve barely even had time to update our Instagram feed.  We’ve had an incredibly busy and productive summer, spending nearly every weekend on our family farm working on our ’72 Shasta.  She needed more work than we’d thought, and it took us a while, but we’re pleased to report she’s back together and in great shape!  After spending the last week camping in the Shasta, we’re back and relaxed.  We’re booking fall shows now, and getting ready to open a space at our local antique mall.  Now that our summer is winding down, we’re ready to enjoy the cooler months and get back to business.  Look for more frequent updates from now on!


Newly Listed – Bundt Pans and Barware

Doesn't your bar need one of these trays?  We finally got the Orange Bird tray listed!

Doesn’t your bar need one of these trays? We finally got the Orange Bird tray listed!

Wow, the summer is racing by!  We’ve been busy buying and cleaning and sorting and stocking – as well as selling!  A special thanks to everyone who has ordered from us in the last month.  I just added lots of new goodies to our Etsy shop – we’ve got some great bar and serving trays as well as some beautiful bundt pans in an assortment of colors.  We always do a lot of one tank trips during the summer months, and we promise to stop at every hole-in-the-wall Pennsylvanian antique shop and garage sale to bring you the best retro goodies.  Meanwhile, when we’re not polishing Shasta parts, we’ll keep listing new items.  I’ve got a bunch of darling swim suits and lots of Aloha shirts and dresses… and 1950s floral frocks… and 1960s psychedelic party dresses… oh goodness, what don’t we have?

We’ve started previewing items on our Instagram feed, so if you want first dibs on Pyrex and other goodies, find us over on Insta.  We’re really enjoying the community over there.

I can't even look at these without wanting cake.  Candy colored cake.

I can’t even look at these without wanting cake. Candy colored cake.

If you’re local, we’ll be back at the Allegheny Kiski Valley Historical Society FleaTique on July 20th at Tour-Ed Mine in Tarentum, PA – let’s hope it’ll be less muddy this time around.  See you there!