Beautiful Bakelite Boats

bakelite boats with carved bakelite birds and celluloid masts

Bakelite boats with carved bakelite birds and celluloid masts

We have a family farm in upstate PA, and we love traveling to visit our friends and relatives.  In addition to good company, we enjoy good picking along the way – we have several regular stops and always wind up filling the car full of goodies.  This past weekend was the first time we’ve gotten to make the trip in 2015 – which is a sure sign that spring is here to stay!  We had a couple of good meals cooked for us at family restaurants, a couple of good meals cooked for us by actual family, and found more than a couple of items to add to our stock and personal collections.

closeup of bakelite boats

Closeup of bakelite boats

We’re bakelite and plastic collectors, and when we saw these boats we knew they were unusual and we had to bring them home.  While we’ve seen lots of bakelite jewelry, housewares, and other odds and ends, we’ve never seen anything quite like these little sailboats.  Each measures about 5.5 inches tall, and has a bakelite base, bakelite sails, and little carved bakelite bird.  The sails are rigged with what looks like fishing line to (probably) celluloid masts.  The marbling on the sails is so lovely and they really catch the light!  I’m looking forward to cleaning them up and admiring them for a while.  If you have seen similar pieces, or if you have some yourself, please leave a comment – we’d love to find some more information about them.

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