In the Summertime, When the Weather is Hot

V__4B09The summer is flying, and July is here!  We’ve been busy stocking up – new items include some phabulous phones that will be coming with us to the July 17th Tour-Ed Mine Fleatique, more clothing in our Etsy shop, and lots more housewares in our space at E.N. Miller Antique Mall in Verona!  We want to thank everybody who has bought furniture from us lately – we’re actually on the lookout for kitchen tables, since we can’t seem to keep them in stock!

When we’re not out picking and buying, we’re out working on our 1966 Serro Scotty and our 1972 Shasta 1400 travel trailers – there’s always something they need from us!  Also, this year Arlo is managing two bee hives that are doing wonderfully, but need lots of attention.  In our downtime, we’ve been hanging out at the 90 year old pool down the street.  This is our favorite time of year – estate sales every Saturday, flea markets every Sunday, fresh vegetables on the table, and sunscreen in my handbag.

Come see us in space 122 at the Tour-Ed Mine Fleatique in Tarentum on the third Sunday of every month, all summer.  Pray for sun, and say hi when you’re there!  We hope you’re having a healthy and happy Summer season!

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